Tooth Extractions

The goal of periodontal therapy is always to attempt to save teeth that have developed gum disease and lost supporting bone and gum tissue. Sometimes, however, when so much supporting bone and gum tissue is lost the tooth cannot be saved. Teeth in this condition is considered hopeless, and it is often recommended to extract (remove) these teeth, so that it doesn’t harbor infection or have a negative impact on the surrounding teeth.

We pride ourselves on extracting teeth atraumatically. Extractions are completed with local anesthesia and sedation if needed. When the area is numb and you are comfortable, the teeth are gently removed and the sites cleaned. Sometimes it is necessary to place stitches to help healing.

Bone grafting is offered at the time of extractions to help preserve the bone where the teeth were removed. The bone graft may allow for future dental implant placement or may help to support the surrounding teeth or restorations.